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Why Pallet Wood


Pallet Wood is made to handle 1 500kg in weight so you know you will have furniture that can handle some decent weight and thus provide proper support.


Pallet Wood can be left outside as it has been treated to withstand the elements.


Pallet Wood furniture is made from existing wood with a lower carbon footprint. By using pallet wood for your furniture you are preventing more trees from ending up at the saw mill.


Pallet Wood can be turned into any type of furniture you can imagine. There are no limits as to what pallet wood can be used for. The only limit is the limit of your imagination. You may also want to visit a website like Pinterest and do a search for pallet furniture to get some ideas. It is really amazing what can be done with pallet wood.


Pallet Wood furniture is a sought after type of furniture. Owning pallet furniture says a lot about you. You care about the environment, you are creative and you are up to date on current furniture trends.

Hidden Gems

What many people do not know is that companies in South Africa import goods from Canada, USA or Europe. Those goods are transported on pallets made from Canadian Pine, Oregon Pine, German Pine etc. These are all hard pines as the trees grow slowly in the colder regions making the wood dense. So by using pallet wood from those countries you are getting a hard pine which is quite is amazing. Every pallet furniture piece we make is one step closer towards saving the trees.


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